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10X Developers. They exist. But they might not be who you think.

They don’t ship code 10x faster.

They don’t do the work of 10 developers.

They need not use the command line for everything.

They need not use VIM.

A lot of people think a 10X developer look like this

So who are these mysterious creatures?

In fact, they are not very mysterious. 10x developers are common in many engineering teams.

What do they do differently?

They work well with the team

They don’t necessarily stand…

When I was in the early stage of my career, a question that always bothered me was — I can code well, but what is next? It took years of research and learning at work to figure out what those skills are(and the list is still incomplete).

We made a list of curated learning paths that helped us find great career opportunities — and do more than just coding.


It is a collection of curated learning paths to help developers learn skills to climb up their career path. The skills include more than just coding — things like documentation, collaboration, communication, engineering processes etc.

Project-based learning

You’ll also be able to finish a real-world project and get feedback from mentors. We believe learning is incomplete without practice.

Today we are launching Tinyschool.

Tinyschool has curated learning paths, live sessions, and real-world projects directly from professionals and companies so that you can become a better developer.

I can code well — now what? This was a question that bothered me in the early stages of my career. Tinyschool is an answer to that.

These are the skills that have helped us along the journey in our career.

We also have a discord community where we will personally try to answer questions and help out each other when learning.

Join here: https://discord.gg/pNBm5aabNJ

We are trying to combine learning with projects and mentorship to help folks make quick progress in their career.

Signup and let us know your thoughts.

You can follow Tinyschool on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/tinyschoolhq

Over the past few days, we have been vetting candidates who have applied to herjobs.co.

If you are a candidate with years of experience, you might not even have to look for a job. Good companies will find you.

But often that is not the case, the first one or two jobs, the first few years — you have to make some efforts to be seen.

A surprisingly large percentage of candidates don’t have enough information on their Linkedin or socials to help the companies make an educated guess.

Following is a quick write-up on how to improve your web…

Source: Pexels

Originally written on my personal blog

We, humans, are in the never-ending chase for happiness. In this quest, We often mistake pleasure for happiness.

Pleasure is short-lived. Happiness is a stable state of well being.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried to reflect on my life to identify what makes me happy.

I have been lucky enough to identify the things that make me happy. A few are battle-tested, a few I’m still exploring. A non-exhaustive list includes

  • People in my life
  • Being productive
  • Helping others
  • Living minimal
  • Traveling
  • Getting stronger, staying fit
  • Building exciting things(mostly software)


Originally posted on my personal blog

On 15th September 2020, I have been married to Keerthi for two years. We have known each other from our college and have been together ever since.

I thought I would take some time to reflect on our relationship. In this blog post, I am trying to write down some honest thoughts on our relationship.

Disclaimer: This is not relationship advice. I believe relationships are like startups. What works for one might not work for another. Make mistakes, get hurt, and most importantly, learn from those mistakes.

What changed after marriage?

I thought life…

I co-founded Carrom with my spouse Keerthi. Carrom was recently acquired by Oyster.

A question that I get often while talking to investors, entrepreneurs, or customers is that, how do I manage to work with my partner.

I thought I’d write about that.

The dynamics

Starting a startup can be hard. Starting a startup with your spouse can be harder.

Results can be binary and extreme. You either end up destroying your relation, or you come out of the other end stronger than ever.

In another sense, starting a startup with your spouse is like having kids. It will amplify what is…

Today we are thrilled to announce that we are joining forces with OysterHR, and have entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired.

Read the official press release from Oyster here.

Oyster acquires Carrom
Oyster acquires Carrom

The last 2 years have been an incredible journey. We have moved from failure to failure with enthusiasm.

Being honest, the journey was tough. But absolutely worth it. It included a lot of stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights.

This wouldn’t have happened with all the kind customers, advisors, a helping remote ecosystem, and my co-founder and wife Keerthi.

We were lucky enough to have wonderful conversations with lots of…

In this post I’ll talk about how moving away from a daily routine has helped me improve my life.

A few years back, when I set out to improve my productivity I thought routines are the way to go. I planned my days and weeks. I stuck to it and made good results. I built softwares, worked out and made progress in life. But something felt off. I was repeating the same day over and over again. That didn’t seem the best way to live life.

Cues for change

Marc Andressen in his famous guide vouches for not keeping a schedule. Stumbling across…

After more than 1.5 years of trying, we have decided to shut down the payroll product from Carrom.


Reasons: Amount of operational work involved and failure to find a “start small” version.The traction was hard to come without the funds. As novice founders, fundraising was hard without the traction.

Honest take: We want to pivot, but not sure to what.

Amount of operational work involved

We were persistent enough to find out all the nuances, find local partnerships in multiple countries and build a software around it. But the amount of operational work involved was a bit too much for us to handle without…

Sooraj Chandran

Product at Oyster™(via @carromhq acquisition) • Startups • Product • Engineer • Founder @carromhq• @marketfoxio (YC W17) — hey@sooraj.io

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