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Happiness is a state of mind, that state of mind which no one knows how to achieve easily. We crave for things, some of us follow the dream, some of us curb our ambitions and settle for the happiness we have. Either way, it’s our choice.

If you choose to follow a dream, one thing that is important to follow is not to focus on the destination alone. It will be very foolish to think that you will accomplish your dream and from next day onwards happiness comes oozing to you. There is no magical point in life, which you achieve and rest is going to be happily ever after.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the road ahead of you. Experience and live what is happening around you.

Find joy in the moment and stay inspired. Surround yourself with people who are following their dreams, people who will compliment, inspire and support you through your journey.

It’s during the journey that your realise your passion, gain knowledge, overcome your fears and make memories that will be worth a lifetime.


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